An Introduction to Whiteboard Planners

Whiteboards have been around for numerous years, more specifically in the 60s. Also known as dry erase boards, these boards didn’t gain prominence and acceptance until recently. However, since the surge in its popularity, whiteboards have not only replaced blackboards in many schools and offices worldwide, it has also been adopted for various uses, purposes, and functions.

In this article, we will discuss the numerous purposes for which the whiteboard is popularly used.

Dry-wipe Planner Whiteboards

Whiteboard Planners

Planning has been one of the core activities of the human race since its inception. Households, businesses, corporate organizations, and all forms of establishment or settings understand the importance of planning.

From helping to craft a workable path to a successful ending for an endeavour to ensuring that all possible obstacles and problems regarding activity are avoided, the importance and benefits of planning are countless.

This is one of the reasons where successful businesses have a dedicated department or section for planning.

While planning is an important activity, there are numerous methods or ways to carry out this activity. One of these methods is the use of whiteboard planners.

Whiteboard planners are a common item in homes and offices and they are dedicated to ensuring the adequate planning and scheduling of hectic activities or periods.

Even in the age of technology where there are countless mobile apps for scheduling, nothing beats a whiteboard planner

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Whiteboard Planners

As much as whiteboard planners look similar, there is a wide degree of difference between them especially with regards to quality.

The following are some of the features you look out for in a quality whiteboard planner;

Whiteboard Planner Features

The first thing to consider when buying a whiteboard planner is to consider the size. Remember that as a planner you want the whiteboard to be visible (to remind you of your activities) without taking up the whole wall space.

Therefore, selecting the appropriate size for the board remains a priority.

The material used to make the whiteboard planner also matters. Materials used to make whiteboards include porcelain, melamine, tempered glass, and painted steel, among others.

All of these materials are top-quality materials but come with different abilities and costs. For instance, the painted steel whiteboard planner is magnetic (meaning you can use magnetic pins) while the tempered glass whiteboard planner is the most expensive.

Magnetism is another feature you may want to consider. Not all whiteboards are magnetic. Usually, only the porcelain and painted steel whiteboards are magnetic which means that you can use them as bulletin boards and attach reminders to the board.

You can check if the whiteboard planner has an additional feature that enhances its function and usage. For instance, some whiteboards have a storage ledge where you can keep accessories such as pins, while some boards come in calendar style.

All of these are interesting features that increase the usability of the whiteboard planners.

Whiteboard Planner Conclusion

Planning is crucial to a successful life and whiteboard planners help you plan adequately. You can check out the best whiteboard planners here at the Top Whiteboard Shop.