Mobile Whiteboards

Whether you teach, lead business teams or speak at conferences nowadays, there is no doubt that you understand the importance of a whiteboard. You are familiar with the ease of displaying ideas provided by a quality whiteboard. However, what if there is a way to get more from the whiteboard. We present to you, the mobile whiteboard. In this article, we will discuss the mobile whiteboard, its features, and key considerations that you should make while getting the board.

What are Mobile Whiteboards?

Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard

Mobile whiteboards is a form of a whiteboard that provides the convenience of mobility. Ideally, a whiteboard has numerous features and advantages. What if you can take your whiteboard with you everywhere you go? That would be perfect, right? This is exactly what the mobile whiteboards offer you.

With the mobile whiteboard, you will be able to take your whiteboard with you. All it takes is a simple process of assembling before use and dissembling the board after use. It is, however, very important to mention that the mobile whiteboard is a bit more expensive than the conventional whiteboards around. Therefore, you must do your due diligence to choose the best mobile whiteboards available.

Key Component Considerations for Choosing a Mobile Whiteboard

Seeing as the mobile whiteboard have two important components; the board itself and the frame that carries it, the considerations that you must make when choosing a mobile whiteboard will revolve around these components.

The board is the surface upon which you write or display pieces of information. The board’s surface must be made from quality materials to ensure optimal performance. For instance, boards made with melamine are cheaper but difficult to clean, while the boards made with porcelain are expensive but easier to clean and maintain.

As for the frame, there are mainly three types of materials used. These materials include steel, chrome, and aluminum. Whichever you decide to go for, ensure that it is strong and rugged enough to carry the weight of the board and also withstand the stress of mobility.

Key Features Considerations for Choosing a Mobile Whiteboard

You may want to consider the size and height of your mobile board while making a purchase. For instance, while a larger size board would provide more space for use, the large-sized boards are a bit bulky and somewhat difficult to move around in comparison to a small-sized board.

The height depends on your needs and height concerns. Would you be standing or sitting during the use of the board? However, adjustable features solve the problem of height.

You may also want to consider the weight of the board. Seeing as the whiteboard is meant to be mobile, you may want to go for a lightweight option.

Being a mobile whiteboard, you may need to consider the ease of the assembly process. The easier it is to assemble the whiteboard, the better the whiteboard.


Other features you need to consider include the presence of accessories and type of mobility.

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