How can Mobile Whiteboards ease the Teaching Methodology?

The best alternative to traditional blackboards is mobile whiteboards. They do the same purpose but with more cleanliness and convenience. At least, no more dust work for the teachers than using the chalkboards.
Blackboards produce screech sounds while writing that can irritate anyone. There is a lot of space on whiteboards to write. One can tilt it at a certain angle for convenience in writing.
Whiteboards are a more practical and user-friendly modern alternative to old blackboards. They are also known as dry erase boards due to their dust-free clean-up properties. These boards are clear enough, act as a versatile communication medium, and can enhance the aesthetics of a classroom.
A student can progress the dexterity while working on the vertical whiteboard and could better control such moves. Young ones working on whiteboards can also engage their more muscles with more shoulder and hand movements. It leads to more coordination and strength.
A whiteboard is more economical than the paperwork to make the class more interactive and eco-friendly. It offers a dynamic and involved learning approach to enhance the concentration of its audiences.
One can promote group knowledge by sharing ideas and information on the common whiteboard. They are among the necessary assets not only for classrooms but offices or homes as well. Useful for spontaneous work and quick explanations. They do not need electrical outlets or computers to function.

How can Mobile Whiteboards help Tutors ease their Tasks?
The Mobile Marker boards, Dry Erase Boards, or Whiteboards are helpful teaching equipment for educators. It is an active methodology to teach a different group of students and settings. Let us have a look at some of their benefits in the same context;
1) Teachers can use these mobile or portable whiteboards to project any multimedia or learning videos on them for their students. One can do it directly on its surface or by using a projection sheet/screen on a whiteboard.
2) Mobile whiteboards do come with good quality wheels attached. So that one can move such boards from one place to another like among different classrooms, teacher’s lounge, and assembly hall. Hence, a teacher can conduct the classes in different environments. It is to increase the interactivity of the studies and encourage their interest in studies.
3) One can use more than one mobile whiteboard in a classroom. So that each one is useful for different groups within a class. It is much helpful in case of debates and brainstorming by groups of students within a class.
4) A tutor can use these boards as per convenience. It doesn’t ask one to only stand beside it to make the best use of whiteboards. One can place a mobile whiteboard in a classroom or anywhere else in a school or college! It can help one save some space.
5) Students sitting at the extreme left or right of the classroom usually face issues. They do not properly see the whiteboard’s content! A teacher can help him/her by tilting it a bit towards that student to make sure everyone in the classroom benefits from it.
6) To save paperwork, a teacher can also provide individual small mobile whiteboards to every student. It can help them to do some creative handwork or rough writing. Mobile whiteboards are also helpful in segmenting a class into different groups.
7) Some mobile whiteboards can also fit well to the back of a car. So that a professional, or personal tutor can use it to create a classroom environment elsewhere their usual place. It could probably be in open surroundings near to nature.
8) A wider and both-sided mobile whiteboard can engage multiple students to work on it together. Hence it can save precious time for a class. One can make flexible learning environments by removing the difference between the back and front of a classroom.
9) If a tutor needs to conduct a small class of a few students or breakout sessions, there are even choices of smaller models. Similarly, parents can take these mobile whiteboards to their backyards or convenient places. It is to help their child gain interest in learning something good.
10) The moving feature makes mobile whiteboards more convenient for student presentations. They are also a great choice for small-group activities. There are suitable accessories like magnetic numbers and other learning magnetic objects. It is to help children manipulate 3d and 2d objects.
11) One can share formulas, instructions, and assignment details with the whole classroom. They are also helpful to screen out distractions and for testing purposes. More than one mobile whiteboard side-by-side can suit well for a large student’s session. In the same way, there are varieties of sizes available in this kind of board.
12) Whiteboard markers allow fast writing due to the better grip on hand while using them to write something on them. They are available in different colors to enhance visibility and distinguish the things written on such boards.
13) A teacher can use it to engage and motivate the shy and disinterested students, also to appreciate the enthusiastic students.

Final Thoughts
After the invention of whiteboards and dry erase markers in the 1970s, they became standard in the educational industry. A mobile whiteboard is to add maneuverability. One can attach magnetic accessories to them, display multimedia, and write notes.
The best fact to know about portable whiteboards here is that they are available in different shapes and sizes. It promotes active learning by enhancing the cognition and memory of the students. Many factors can help one to decide the type, number, and size of a mobile whiteboard that a teacher can use to manage the class.
The aim here is to engage the students better and make them feel alert during the class. It is still not a bad idea to use a mobile whiteboard to have in a classroom in addition to the normal wall-mounted board. These can help students boost their confidence, social emotions, motor, sensory, and visual skills.
A mobile whiteboard is good to create wall zones faster for vertical learning opportunities. These boards have the support of mobile easels. It evolves both teaching and learning as a practical way for better learning results. A great alternative to online studying by reducing digital fatigue by seeing glowing tech screens.
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