Magnetic Whiteboards: Why should you prefer them over others?

This post will help you understand why you can’t avoid using magnetic whiteboards in 2022!
The recent COVID pandemic has helped us realize the benefits of digital learning or work from home. Hence, Electronic whiteboards are going more popular these days. It does not mean magnet compatible whiteboards are outdated. It is due to its many advantages over its electronic counterparts. These are prevailing among its users for more than the past decade.
You could realize many cons of using electronic whiteboards. There are chances of software hassles, difficulty in setup, hard to maintain, and costlier. So to avoid such, you only need a magnetic whiteboard in your premise with or without an added electronic board for online use when needed.

White Glass Whiteboard 1000 x 650mm

What are Magnetic Whiteboards?
The term magnetic means the whiteboard surface can attach with specially designed magnets. These are further used to attach charts, documents, or any compatible objects on the board. Its painted steel board construction is very successful! There are many uses of whiteboards, like for office purposes, classrooms, or else.
Not limited to this, these boards can act as tackboard. People can tack in place any notes, artwork, notices, messages, spreadsheets, graphs, and more on it. Hence, you do not need to use the traditional wooden pinboards that need pins to tie up the object on them. As a result, it leaves unsightly holes and marks on such objects.
The main purpose is to help its users co-work or study together. In other words, magnetic compatible whiteboards can help people focus on a topic in the group! They help generate ideas that you cannot do individually.
They are available in the market of different sizes. There are two material options to form whiteboards compatible with magnets. They are Glass and Porcelain! A marker pen is general to write on it. So one can remove its ink from the board with ease.

10 Benefits of using Magnetic Whiteboards in 2022
You could find many finishes in whiteboards like lacquered or laminated that suit your needs well. There are many plus points or reasons behind using magnet support whiteboards than other alternatives;
1) Erase and Use Again – These time whiteboards with a Glass surface on the top are highly preferable. It is because they allow the facility to its users to wipe down everything from its smooth surface with ease. In comparison, ink of the markers may seep into the traditional whiteboards due to their porous surfaces.
2) Durable – These whiteboards are made of tempered glass and are four times stronger than simple or regular glass. They are scratch-resistant, super smooth, and can’t break easily under pressure. If you are looking for a safe and tough product for your everyday needs, you should prefer magnetic whiteboards.
3) Customizable – You can set a whiteboard in different styles and colors mainly to highlight the theme of a brand in office meeting rooms. Overall a magnetic whiteboard can give a distinctive look to the environment wherever it is while being a focal point for people there.
4) Clean & Clear – All you need to do is to install the high-quality magnetic boards properly. It will help you to avoid Ghosting! It is a case when the other type whiteboard surface becomes dirty, stains or marks appear on them. In this case, boards will lose their erase-ability. Hence, making it hard for spectators to read it.
5) Ease of Use – Once set up on a wall, you can use it anytime without further waste of time. You do not need to keep it near any electrical outlet or a computer like in the case of electronic whiteboards. They are available of different sizes and designs making them fit to use even handheld or adding to their portability when needed.
6) Adds to One’s Motivation – You can use a magnetic whiteboard to boost the motivation of its users. It is useful, especially when a child is facing a problem in getting enough interest in studies. Thus, a personal whiteboard can add to his/her creativity and attains the focus to write and learn something on it.
7) Inexpensive – It doesn’t matter if you search for good quality long-term use resources for your office space or classroom. Whiteboards should be in your preference due to their multiuse and low cost that suits almost all budgets. As needed, you can get compatible accessories like erasers, markers, clips, or magnets.
8) Increase Aesthetics – A whiteboard hanging on any spot of a wall in a room or hall always looks good. It adds to the beauty of their ambiance. It’s sleek in design almost looking like a frame on a wall. Plus, the added shine due to the glass surface that it delivers when light reflects from it is very mesmerizing.
9) Little or No Maintenance – You do not need to worry about how to care your whiteboards compatible with magnets. Just clean them with a clean piece of soft cloth whenever looking messy, that’s it. It is much better than the old blackboards that need proper upkeep for their long use, and the messy chalks to write on them are a bit irritable.
10) Convenient – The erasers and markers are way better to handle and use. They add to the user’s convenience other than dealing with allergenic or harmful dirt from chalks & dusters used in blackboards. In case, the marker’s ink will accidentally place on the wrong surface you can remove it with ease.

Final Thoughts
There are many related products that you can use with magnetic whiteboards or notice boards to boost your productivity. You can get a wide variety of such items online so that you can choose one as per your need.
You could find many magnetic die-cut symbols with clean and smooth finishes. They are available to use on whiteboards with magnetic surfaces. It includes alphabet letters, hearts, stars, dots, arrows, lines, and more.
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