An Outlook on Glass Whiteboards

Not all people realize Glass Whiteboards when they are mesmerized by seeing a sleek Whiteboard anywhere! No doubt, Whiteboards are the best dust-free alternatives to traditional blackboards. Today, you can find a whiteboard usually made of tempered glass, porcelain & painted steel, or melamine! Before choosing one for your purpose, you should know about each to decide better!

Violet Glass Whiteboard 450 x 600mm

3 Main Classifications of Whiteboards

Most of the whiteboards available in the market comes under one among the following categories as per their construction material;

i) Porcelain & Painted Steel Whiteboards

A white base and a clear coat can give a painted steel whiteboard dry-erase properties. These are stronger as compared to melamine but not like the glass or porcelain boards.

There are chances of dents and scratches will result in the cause of rusting and degradation of boards. The steel backing can make these boards a bit heavier. In the case of porcelain boards, porcelain enamel is baked or fried on a steel backing.

Hence, they do not stain, but the chances of scratches are there. These can avoid harboring bacteria due to non-porous surfaces, but chances of ghosting are there, after long-time use.

These whiteboards are good for you only for light to medium use. Porcelain whiteboards are more durable, can last for a long time, but are expensive and do not works well for projection needs.

ii) Melamine Whiteboards

Resin-infused paper in laminating layers with fiberboard or particleboard at the back can form these boards. The resin material should be high enough to ensure better quality and stain resistance.

A melamine whiteboard can be magnetic or not, so you need to pay attention to the product description well before ordering any online. The surface is porous. So it will degrade with time, and after some years, ghosting or staining will start appearing. There are also chances of dents, dings, scuffs, or warping the board.

Overall, melamine whiteboards do have less lifespan. You should choose this kind of whiteboard only for your rare use case and if you are well versed in taking good care of your products!

iii) Glass Whiteboards

These boards are of safety tempered glass. You can consider it like big white panels almost feel like any mobile or computer screen. The best part about these modern-style whiteboards is that they can add to the aesthetics of the place where these are in use. The surface finish of the transparent glass can lure its audiences with its professional, elegant, and sleek looks.

Due to their different use cases for different professional purposes, they are available in many varieties and colors. They can also be custom printed or stenciled as per business/user requirements like graphics and logos. They are of different sizes with or without frames.

What are the Reasons to use Glass Whiteboards?

Following are the practical benefits of Whiteboards made with Glass surfaces;

1) Four times stronger than the porcelain boards.

2) They do not wear off so easily.

3) Easy to clean.

4) Tempered glass has high scratch resistant property.

5) Simple installation by two people in some minutes.

6) Glass does not dent.

7) These boards consist of a non-porous surface, so there are no chances of marker stains on them.

8) They can resist bacteria well since they can be sterilized or sanitized without much effort.

9) No chance of ghosting.

Why should you prefer Glass over Normal Whiteboards?

Generally, standard whiteboards come with a bulky frame that might not fit well with the ambiance of a room. There are higher chances of stains left on them even after wiping off the writing or drawings.

Hence, shadows of the previous marker might still be showing on such boards. So to clear a total white surface back as new, you need to use the proper cleaning solution or a spray.

After all, Glass whiteboards would not lose their color with ease and resist the stains. You can easily lean on the glass boards while writing on them. A steel plate at the back can well support the front toughened glass. It also adds to its nice look since a shadow line can be visible around the whiteboard.

Glass of a whiteboard consists of white or any other color paint on its backside. You can easily use a permanent marker on a glass board and remove the writings with ease. Glass boards are highly preferred in the medical industry.

There are fewer chances of bacteria or the spreading of fungi from its surface. If you desire to buy a magnetic whiteboard, you do not need to worry about the glass surface.

Using the hi-power magnets, you can stick things on the whiteboards with Glass surfaces. You can easily find pen trays that can attach easily to these glass boards magnetically to organize your pens and erasers.

Can you choose Glass Whiteboards?

If your budget allows, you must go with a Whiteboard with a Glass surface. In addition to the above benefits, there are some points to consider. A tempered glass used on whiteboards is about ten times more durable than normal glass.

By the way, the standoffs used to install them on walls are also much sturdy. So the board will never change the place even after a strong push. They are more durable and beautiful than their counterparts.

Never use any abrasive cleaners on them that may result in a scratch on their surface. You can better use a professional ready-made cleaner kit specially made for boards having glass surfaces. They can last for years more than one generation when kept with proper care.

Final Thoughts

By choosing a glass whiteboard you can contribute to saving our nature. Yes, because the pressboards are made using trees, and plastics are from fossil fuels. It is a fact that glass can be recycled and is made of sand, a renewable resource.

They do not contain any chemicals to leave any negative impact on our health. You can easily use whiteboards with glass surfaces for the community, group, or personal purposes. These whiteboards look best in any room, either in a home, class, or office.

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