5 Essential Whiteboard Accessories to not overlook

Most people only think about quality Whiteboards, but do not consider the same for Whiteboard accessories. The applications of whiteboards are limitless! We can use them both for personal and professional purposes. So, you should know about the most commonly used accessories to enhance the productivity of the Whiteboard. The best part is that you can get these products delivered to your doorstep. Let us have a brief look at the most useful ones;

Whiteboard Survival Kit

1) Whiteboard Cleaner

The frequent use of whiteboards can left the marks of colors or lines on it that will not go off with a simple rub. In this case, many people think it is time to replace that whiteboard with the new one.

However, you can make a board look new by treating it with a whiteboard cleaner. It is a special solution to remove the marks or stains from the whiteboard surfaces. In this way, you could give a new life to your whiteboard for years of its use.

Some whiteboard markers contain chemicals. So these will result in the formation of residues or lessen the effectiveness of the whiteboards. In this case, the Whiteboard cleaners can prove very helpful. You can use them to clean the Glass Whiteboards as well.

You can also opt for the Cleaning Kit having every accessory to clean the whiteboards like a cleaner, and microfiber cloth. It is the best option to remove the ghosting effect on such boards. You can search more about the Dry wipes, Wet wipes, and Spray Cleaner to know more about these whiteboard accessories.

Generally, whiteboard cleaners are either Transparent or White! You can use a cleaner whenever you find it difficult to erase/clean the whiteboards by simply using the dusters.

Try never to use abrasive and wax-based cleaners. Our skin possesses natural oils. They can stick to the surface of the whiteboard during wipe-off using hands. So, this may damage the board with time.

2) Whiteboard Magnets

Magnets or we can say the exciting Whiteboard accessory can be of different sizes, shapes, or colors. They can stick to the whiteboards to enhance their productivity. One can also make the presentations more appealing to its audience by placing magnetic objects on whiteboards such as text and figures.

A dry erase board or magnetic whiteboard consists of a thin sheet of steel at the back and a glass or white plastic surface at the front. Hence, allowing the magnetics to stick to the board very well!

You should choose the magnets well for your whiteboard. If you use more than one of larger sizes on a whiteboard, they may stick together but not on the steel of the magnetic whiteboard.

By the way, you can find a wide variety of Colors in the Magnets. There are whiteboard magnets with special designs available in the market that possess Super Strength. You could choose anyone as per your need, but. Make sure their surface is smooth enough. They will not leave any scratches on the whiteboard surface.

3) Whiteboard Pens

Any noticeboard or whiteboard is incomplete without the right pen to write on it. After all, you can not only place magnetic objects or tapes on it every time. Some people buy good quality whiteboards but compromise with using pens or markers of average quality. In the end, they will not utilize the full potential of writing on a whiteboard without harming it!

Thus, the quality and durability of a whiteboard pens or markers matter the most in the success of your presentation. You could find different kinds of whiteboard markers in the market like Narrow Tip Pens or Permanent markers.

Color pens are a must for graphic arts, add some color coding or highlight different written parts separately. Some colors are better visible from a long distance, but some colors work best to attract the audience.

A marker set may consist of different color pens ranging from 4 to 30 variations and even more than that. For daily or frequent use, prefer to have a comfortable grip in the whiteboard pen having a barrel with an ergonomic design.

A whiteboard pen could be small or medium in size having either extra fine or fine tips. A fine tip pen is useful in front of small audiences for writing small markups and details on the whiteboards. Chisel tip markers are more flexible in use. One can use it to make both fine and bold lines.

You can find a magnetic pen that can stick to the magnetic whiteboards when not in use. Retractable markers are much easy to use. You can use more than one in different colors. You would never like yourself or your audiences to get irritated by using a pen that stops writing in between your important work. So choose well as per your need and budget!

4) Whiteboard Pen Tray

You can also call this useful Whiteboard accessory a Pen Holder! As the name suggests, it is a convenient accessory to place the markers or pens on or near the whiteboard. In this way, one can easily organize the whiteboard pens in one place, clean and quiet.

It is a fact that storing pens horizontally ensures their longer life span. There are lesser chances of ghosting since the alcohol content will not move to the base part of the pen. So a pen holder could help a user to take care of such things.

These pen holders either come with self-adhesive tape or are simply magnetically attached to a board. A pen tray generally allows 4 pens in it to ensure they will not fall out so easily and is handy to access whenever needed. It should be set up on the whiteboard in the proper place and height as per use.

5) Whiteboard Erasers

You should not confuse them with the name Whiteboard Dusters since the purpose of both is the same. All you need is to have the right idea about choosing the right erasers for your whiteboards. The two main types are wet-erase (also known as semi-permanent markers) and dry-erase (for quick use and erase purposes).

It is one among the whiteboard accessories that you need to use repeatedly like whiteboard pens or markers. A whiteboard eraser can be mainly Economy and Professional. The purpose of the dry erase markers is to remove permanent marker leftovers.

Make sure you are using a soft pile duster. Hence, it will not scratch the surface of the whiteboard. By the way, you can also place an eraser in a whiteboard pen holder if its shape fits it.

A whiteboard eraser can be one among the following three different categories;

Microfiber cloth – It can remove the ink from the whiteboard surface but collects the dust of the markers.

Magnetic – If you have the habit of misplacing or dropping the dusters with no intention, you should prefer the one that can stick to the whiteboard.

Generic – It is the most used type of whiteboard eraser. A plastic or wooden case is there that a user can hold, and there is a fabric pad encased in it to remove the ink from the whiteboard.

Bottom Line

If you plan to buy Whiteboards, you will also need to get a suitable pen/marker, eraser/duster, and cleaner to use the product. You could add some economical and useful whiteboard accessories like magnets or a pen tray. It is for more appeal and can help you smartly use your whiteboard.

In addition to the above essentials, there are many other helpful accessories to be used to enhance the use of whiteboards. The list includes Gridding Tape, Sheets, Flipchart Pads, Flip Pad Holder, Characters, and more.

If you do not have time to search for the best of each of the above-listed items, you can simply choose to buy a Starter Kit or Accessory Kit. Make sure such a combo kit includes all the quality items useful for your use purposes.

You could find high-quality whiteboard accessories in different price ranges so you can prefer one as per your budget. There are many online platforms like Top Whiteboards from where you can find reliable boards and their accessories.

They offer free shipping services on your ordered products to almost all the UK mainland addresses. You can check their official site to get more information about the above products or accessories related to the Whiteboard.