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How can Mobile Whiteboards ease the Teaching Methodology?

The best alternative to traditional blackboards is mobile whiteboards. They do the same purpose but with more cleanliness and convenience. At least, no more dust work for the teachers than using the chalkboards.Blackboards produce screech sounds while writing that can irritate anyone. There is a lot of space on whiteboards to write. One can tilt […]

How can Mobile Magnetic Whiteboards Benefit Businesses?

Most people start a business at 18-34 years of age i.e. most probably when they are in or pass out their college. It is normal to use whiteboards in educational institutes, schools, and colleges. Most of us are aware of the usefulness and productivity of the Whiteboard both in our personal and professional life. By […]

An Outlook on Glass Whiteboards

Not all people realize Glass Whiteboards when they are mesmerized by seeing a sleek Whiteboard anywhere! No doubt, Whiteboards are the best dust-free alternatives to traditional blackboards. Today, you can find a whiteboard usually made of tempered glass, porcelain & painted steel, or melamine! Before choosing one for your purpose, you should know about each […]

5 Essential Whiteboard Accessories to not overlook

Most people only think about quality Whiteboards, but do not consider the same for Whiteboard accessories. The applications of whiteboards are limitless! We can use them both for personal and professional purposes. So, you should know about the most commonly used accessories to enhance the productivity of the Whiteboard. The best part is that you […]

Whiteboard Accessories

We all know that a whiteboard is an integral part of the workplace, class, or home. Apart from being a medium for passing information, it allows you to collaborate with people and allows the articulation and easy presentation of ideas. Therefore, there is no doubt as to the usefulness of the whiteboard. However, some accessories […]

Magnetic Whiteboards: Why should you prefer them over others?

This post will help you understand why you can’t avoid using magnetic whiteboards in 2022!The recent COVID pandemic has helped us realize the benefits of digital learning or work from home. Hence, Electronic whiteboards are going more popular these days. It does not mean magnet compatible whiteboards are outdated. It is due to its many […]