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Magnetic Whiteboards: The perfect Choice for many Business Environments.

This post will help you understand why you can’t avoid using magnetic whiteboards in 2022! The recent COVID pandemic has helped us realize the benefits of digital learning or work from home. Hence, Electronic whiteboards are going more popular these days. It does not mean magnet compatible whiteboards are outdated. It is due to its […]

An Introduction to Whiteboard Planners

Whiteboards have been around for numerous years, more specifically in the 60s. Also known as dry erase boards, these boards didn’t gain prominence and acceptance until recently. However, since the surge in its popularity, whiteboards have not only replaced blackboards in many schools and offices worldwide, it has also been adopted for various uses, purposes, […]

Whiteboard Easels

Introduction Information has been identified as the soul of any organization that seeks to be successful. Therefore, organizations must devise a way through which information gets passed to customers, employees, and other personnel in the organization. One of the best and most acceptable ways is through the use of whiteboards. Whiteboards are popularly used in […]

Magnetic Whiteboards

Over the years, our workspaces have witnessed considerable changes. One of these changes is the introduction of magnetic whiteboards. In offices, classrooms, and boardrooms, this piece of furniture has found its way into our work lifestyle and has seemed to stay. In this article, we seek to understand the reason for the renewed popularity and […]